Raising a Rukus

The VR feature film "raising a rukus" is an original VR series built by the virtual reality company (hereinafter referred to as VRC), an American VR startup company invested by Hengxin Oriental Culture Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hengxin Oriental), with an investment of about $6million. The first episode was officially released in the IMAX VR offline experience store in the United States and the Samsung gear VR platform in May 2017. Since its release, the first episode has continued to earn a good box office at IMAX VR Los Angeles Center, always ranking in the top three.

The script of the series was written by Nicole Perlman, the screenwriter of the galaxy guard, supervised by Robert Stromberg, who won the best art direction Award for avatar and Alice in wonderland for two Oscars, and directed by Joshua wassung, the founder of the third floor, the largest previsualization studio in Hollywood, Hengxin Oriental has the exclusive distribution right of the film in China. At present, it has been released in more than 60 VR experience centers in China.

At a time when VR hardware is becoming more and more mature, but high-quality content is still lacking, "the magic journey of lax" uses a professional Hollywood team to develop the script, and in VR story creation, it innovatively adopts a branch narrative means that traditional film and television cannot present, creating this phenomenal masterpiece with cutting-edge technology and infinite imagination.

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Synopsis of the story of Lach's magical journey

Early in the morning, twins Amy and Jonas with different personalities welcomed their birthdays. The two are still fighting, which seems to be no different from normal. But the crisp dog barking outside the window gave them a lift. They ignored the real birthday gifts in their parents' hands and launched a fierce competition for the ownership of the dog. During the fight, an unexpected surprise happened - they were brought to a beautiful and wonderful space by this dog named rukus, which was full of all kinds of paleontological fossils, which made Amy and Jonas very happy. But a seemingly ordinary action of rukus inadvertently put them in danger

In this beautiful fantasy world, Amy and Jonas experienced completely different lives. Amy, who loves sports, and Jonas, who is knowledgeable, experienced many dangers, and finally worked together to find the way home.

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