VR Drunken Master

Kung fu culture has run through the design and production idea of "VR Drunken Master". Centered on kung fu, the game extends the theme of "martial arts" as the first chapter. Its content is selected from the famous episode of "Wu Song fighting the tiger" in the classical martial arts novel "Water Margin". The script is performed by the creative team of CCTV, and the most classic traditional Chinese culture is presented by suspense. 

Martial arts movement is the most visual aspect of kung fu extension. Therefore the team set up a Vicon motion capture studio and invited professional martial arts instructors to do a lot of real-time motion capture, which was tailored to fit the game's performance according to the design needs, so as to present the real experience of "every punch is fought on the body, every move can be fatal". 


Project Results of VR Drunken Master 

Traditional reasoning game mode is updated comprehensively, including continuing traditional mode and innovating "immersion". 

1. [Overseas Market] The multi-version games has covered the main market and has been launched on Steam platform, ranking in the top three VR game lists in China, the United States, Japan and South Korea. The game has been ported to the all-in-one version and launched on AppLab, covering Quest users. 

2. [Domestic Market] Through online and offline publicity linkage, this game will create a VR brand of Chinese martial arts. We will have exclusive content cooperation with domestic head VR hardware manufacturer "Pico" to expand the understanding of the game for core users online. Besides, we will also cooperate with "ZMVR" offline to cover over 6,000 experience stores across the country, so as to effectively build game popularity and brand effect through KOL power, platform support, events and other ways, and build the VR martial arts game cognition of "VR Drunken Master " users.