Party Crashers:Balloons

Party Crashers:Balloons is a kind of leisure and party type VR game based on UE4 engine development. 

Players will become "balloon people" in the world full of fantasy, and share the social contact happiness with other players from all over the world. If you are the social talent, you can directly conduct real-time voice chat with other users, send expression bubble and have unexpected action for reaction in the game lobby. You completely have no need to worry if you are a social novice because there are many interactive games with different characteristics in the game lobby and you can also match other players in the game lobby to experience different models of game. 

In the VR game, there is no pressure and you can play with your friends wantonly! 

Game features of Party Crashers Balloons 

The game UI and overall art style adopt Low Poly style, which can bring clear and lively visual perception to players, and through which players can be easier to find the enemy and characteristics in complex scene. The system covers the game mode, figure role play, ranking, etc. at present and will add more figure roles and modules subsequently as a kind of casual game focusing on multiplayer competition. The game centers on the competitive battle and exaggerated personalized dual-core. 

《Party Crashers Balloons》Game Features

The game UI and overall art style all adopt the Low Poly low-poly style, which brings players a clear and lively visual experience, making it easier to find enemies and features in complex scenes. The system currently includes game modes, character dressing, ranking, etc. As a multiplayer competitive casual game, more characters and modules will be added in the future, focusing on competitive combat and exaggerated personalized dual-core.