Kiddets is the first animation cartoon officially approved and jointly shot by China and New Zealand, and is co-presented by Hengxin Shambala's wholly-owned subsidiary Hengxin Shambala Kids (Guangzhou) Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd. and Pukeko Pictures Limited Partnership.  

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As an educational animation about early education, Kiddets mainly aims at the preschoolers at the age of 3-6. The story describes five Wowo babies aspiring space explorers: Stai, Luna, Paqi, Bons and Dapei, in a gorgeous training room surrounded by floating space in blue sky of Wowo Planet. They take part in various games actively and enthusiastically at game-based school- Kiddets and learn and grow up in game. Five Wowo babies unconsciously recognize various things through various playing and games. 

These recognitions are essential to qualified space explorers. One day, they will drive their own spaceships and set out to other planets for investigations. Five Wowo babies are different in body skin and color, and own their unique and distinct personalities and characteristics, as well as are adept at the knowledge in leadership, science, mechanery, sports and art. 

Richard Taylor, world's famous movie special effect master, winning Oscars for 5 times, acts as the image creation Director-general, Supervisor and Creative Consultant of Kiddets. In addition, Martin Baynton, co-founder of Pukeko Pictures and world famous children's writer and picture book artist, is invited to serve as scriptwriter and producer of Kiddets, and takes charge of creating the whole script of the animation film. Martin Baynton, as the famous children educationist and children psychologist, integrates his understanding of children education into the Kiddets plots.