Little Bear Reading Party

The Little Bear Reading Party, the second children early education animation launched by Hengxin Shambala's wholly owned subsidiary Hengxin Shambala Kids (Guangzhou) Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd. and Pukeko Pictures Limited Partnership, centers on the concept of "children education" and is praised as the perfect "edge tool" to promote the communication of children with parents, friends and society. 

The animation film was officially approved on September 14, 2018 with the consent of International cooperation department of National Radio and Television Administration. Such film is the second one shot with the cooperation of China and New Zealand after approval of National Radio and Television Administration and one of China-New Zealand national cultural exchange programs. 

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The stories in Little Bear Reading Party happen in a fantastic world which is made from paper. In that world, various books fly in the sky like birds. The leading characters are four furry teddy bears: Jingjing, Bumeng, Xiaoke and Qiqi. In every episode composed of 10-minute storiette, four little bears need to experience different adventures with a concerted effort to find a picture book available for their reading and sharing after sitting down. 

The Little Bear Reading Party is suitable for preschoolers, and imperceptibly conveys knowledge and love to children through interesting and warm animation contents to promote the communication of children with parents, friends and society. Four little bears' reading habits can also influence and promote preschoolers' exploration and love of reading. After watching this animation film, children can share their reading experience with people around more proactively, enhance their understanding and recognition of the external world, and form positive, optimistic and cheerful value concept. 

In respect of contents, the Little Bear Reading Party owns pure and fresh style and is full of fairy tale color, complies with the demands of children at every sensitive period and centers on helping parents solve the parenting problem. In 10-minute short animation, the vivid and vigorous little bear cartoon image and "picture books" in the film can cultivate children's thirst for knowledge, carry forward their interest in learning, and inject new method into the preschool children education. The animation film can fully cultivate and improve children's creativity, imagination and reading enthusiasm so that they can grow up in the edutainment environment. 

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