"The Heart of Beijing" Urban Cultural Interactive platform project

"The Heart of Beijing" is an integrated brand of Beijing Dongcheng Culture Business Travel.  "The Heart of Beijing" is an interactive platform for urban culture, using interactive engine technology to promote cultural applications through advanced science. By centering on the important historical sites, former residences, cultural relics, landscapes and figures in Dongcheng District, it excavates and extracts the cultural elements of Dongcheng district in series and enters several exploration routes. Through the comprehensive use of a variety of high-tech means, everyone who comes to Dongcheng can be immersed in a large urban linkage platform and experience. The culture of Dongcheng will be organically and interestingly connected by solving puzzles, exploring secrets, searching for treasure, challenging and occupying. It covers cultural innovation and transformation contents such as AR (Augmented Reality) experience of digital expansion of intangible cultural heritage space.