Jin Yong's martial arts novel "The Eagle Shooting Heroes" theme experience pavilion

Jin Yong Condor Theme Experience Pavilion is located in Wuxi National Digital Film Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province, with a construction area of 3,000 square meters. It is The first time licensed by Jin Yong, and based on one of "The Condor Trilogy", "The Eagle Shooting Heroes", it is The world's first Jin Yong martial arts theme experience hall. It was created by Hengxin Shambala, Chivalry and Elegance, Wuxi Film Industry Park and Weta Workshop. 


Hengxin Shambala owns jinyong's "Condor Trilogy" theme experience hall and other Copyrights and enterprises specializing in the development of the whole industry chain of Jin Yong's Martial arts. It is committed to the use of the latest technology, the most outstanding creativity, so that jin Yong's works in the "Oriental" and the spread of traditional Chinese cultural elements better presentation and transmission. 


Jin Yong Condor Theme Experience Pavilion is divided into six spatial areas. In terms of experience content, it focuses on the culture of the Southern Song Dynasty and takes Guo Jing's growth story as the context to create an immersive tour experience, allowing visitors to truly walk into the three-dimensional epic world behind Jin Yong's writings. Currently, Jin Yong Condor Theme Experience Pavilion is under production and will be officially opened in early 2023.