Natural China

"Natural China" is a national promotional film co-produced by Shambala Dream Culture Industry Investment Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hengxin Shambala. It promotes Chinese culture to go abroad, shows a good national image to the world, and lets the world know the real representative film of China. 

Through the use of real-life VR technology, "Natural China" has recorded more than 50 of the most valuable landscapes in China, which shows the most natural, real and original face of China. In "Natural China", you not only have the chance to walk through the Wulingyuan mountains like a bird, but also have the chance to swim upstream with the Huangshui fish of Qinghai Lake. From Meili Snow Mountain to Pudong New Area, from Oriental fish belly to sunset, there are the footprints of modern civilization, but also the extraordinary workmanship of nature. If you immerse yourself in the wonders of China, you will experience thousands of years of change. 

Through the use of immersive virtual reality technology, the VR project of "Natural China" comprehensively combs the Chinese landscape and creates the most impressive Chinese landscape name card. It has become a synonym for promoting Chinese geography and humanity to the world. 

The film is excellent both in its panoramic views of the landscape and in its microscopic close-ups. In terms of sound effects, the film adopts panoramic sound technology, so that the audience can not only feel the visual impact, but also experience the immersive panoramic sound effects in sound. The combination of picture and sound brings us a real audio-visual feast.