VR Animal World

Developedand created by Hengxin Shambala, "VR Animal World" is a large-scaledocumentary series of 100 episodes on rare VR wild animals. Through 360-degreedocumentary photography, it mainly tells the emotional story between rareanimals and human beings on earth.

Theteam shot the materials by climbing mountains and diving into the sea. Theyhave reached not only the unexplored jungle, but also the high seas. Through VRdevices, viewers see the world of animals from a perspective they have neverperceived before.

"VRAnimal World" features a variety of animals including pandas, macaques,Asian elephants, peacocks, butterflies, gibbons, red-crowned cranes, blackbears, forest musk deer and rock sheep.

Bywearing VR glasses, children can have close contact with rare animals andexperience and understand the world of wild animals from a perspective theyhave never felt before. This is not only in line with children's nature ofloving animals, but also covers the significance of nature education and lifeeducation.