For preschool children, good living rules and learning habits need the joint efforts of family, school and society. Hengxin Shambala has integrated high-quality educational curriculum resources and intelligent hardware equipment to create a family product Sitai that effectively enhances home-school interaction and family learning and fun. 

Through AI empowerment, Sitai combines technology with global high-quality child education resources to provide families with high-quality child education resources in various fields. In addition to providing educational resources, Sitai provides children with a number of comprehensive services such as companionship and entertainment, and has become a link and facilitator between parents and children. 

Sitai, the cartoon protagonist of "Space School", broadcasted by CCTV children's Channel in prime time, accompanied parents and children to spend time at home during the epidemic, making parents feel the beauty of "one child will not be lonely, two children will learn together". 

In addition to accompanying children to study and play, 

Sitai can also answer children's questions and open various functions of the box, such as on-demand cartoons, children's songs and stories. When Sitai is opened and connected to a large screen such as a TV, children can watch a huge amount of curriculum resources inside. In fact, the updated content can accompany children to grow up happily. 

Sitai program, centered on "learning through entertainment", encourages children to adopt interactive and positive learning methods, providing a good cloud platform for kindergarten education and family education. Based on the featured activity classes applied by kindergartens, Sitai learning plan combines game materials package and Sitai to assist families to carry out home-school synchronous activity clock-in or independent "learning in entertainment" game-based learning plan in the cloud. It advocates that children can give full play to their initiative and creativity by combining the cloud guidance of the kindergarten and the effective companionship of their families, so as to internalize their positive learning qualities such as self-confidence and self-discipline. 

The STAY Learning Program, centered on "learning by play", encourages interactive and active learning methods, and provides a good cloud platform for kindergarten education and family education. The Stai Accompanying Learning Program is based on the high-quality characteristic activity courses applied by the kindergarten, combined with the game material package and the help of Stai students to assist families in the cloud to check in for home synchronization activities or play the gamified learning plan of the middle school independently. Cloud guidance, combined with the effective companionship of the family, allows children to give full play to their initiative and creativity, and then cultivate the internalization of positive learning characters such as self-confidence and self-discipline.