VR Future Classroom of Space School

VR Future Classroom of Space School, based on VR virtual reality technology, Hengxin Shambala and The Department of Psychology, School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University established the "Positive Nature and AI Family Development Research Group". Through its independent research and development of preschool quality education innovation solutions, it is mainly committed to providing professional, systematic and high-quality education products and services for children aged 3-6. 

VR Future Classroom designs interactive games with themes that are difficult for children to understand and imagine. Children can touch and manipulate various objects through the handle, and also interact with the space and celestial bodies, which is easy to let children into the corresponding scene. It is not only conducive to the formation and deepening of memory, but also can stimulate children's desire to explore and curiosity, improve children's enthusiasm for learning. Through virtual reality, it creates an intuitive and immersive environment for children, constructs an immersive learning atmosphere, turns the original rigid teaching content into vivid scenes, and promotes the expression and application of knowledge. 

The courses cover space exploration series, animal science popularization series, professional experience series, Traditional Chinese medicine science popularization series, Marine environmental protection series and so on. Nine themes: common sense of life, scientific exploration, mathematical logic, artistic enlightenment, natural phenomena, human body decoding, dinosaur archaeology, biological cognition and safety education. Five areas: science, art, language, health and society. 

In the traditional educational environment, students passively acquire knowledge from teachers, and it is relatively difficult for them to imagine structures such as graphics, space and natural phenomena. But virtual reality complements this nicely. 

VR Future Classroom combines real scenes, puzzle games, situational learning and other features to make the learning process full of fun and let children feel all-round education.