Godzilla vs King Kong

The American VRC studio, a subsidiary of Hengxin Oriental, was authorized by Godzilla vs. King Kong to cooperate with legendary pictures.

On January 25th, 2021, legendary pictures released an epic preview of Godzilla vs. King Kong. YouTube was online for 8 hours, with a broadcast volume of 7.5 million. The two ultimate Titans finally met on the big screen! Who is fighting for Godzilla, who defeated the strongest villain quitola two years ago, and King Kong, who has become the king of Skeleton Island after 40 years? Can Titans coexist with humans again? All this will break out in Godzilla vs. King Kong.


On February 3, the American VRC studio, a subsidiary of Hengxin Oriental Holdings, reached a cooperation with legendary pictures. The theme of this cooperation is "the battle of Titan, the flames of war rekindled", celebrating that both parties reached an agreement and obtained a genuine license to jointly develop the VR game "Godzilla vs. King Kong".

The American VRC studio said it would work with legendary pictures to benchmark the quality of the host game and jointly adapt the VR of Godzilla vs. King Kong into an open world game in the form of a giant; Legendary pictures, as the copyright owner, will design an exclusive original story for the game based on the main plot of this film.