well! Kuge

The cartoon "Hey! Kuge" is a pet healing comedy cartoon produced by Hengxin Oriental children (Guangzhou) Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hengxin Oriental, with a total of 26 episodes and 12 minutes for each episode. The protagonists are the more popular French Bulldog "Kuge" and its owner Xiao Hui in recent years. From the unique perspective of Kuge, the animation tells a series of interesting and warm life stories between it and Xiaohui in a place called "Ping'an town" in modern life.

In Ping'an Town, Xiaohui, who was lovelorn, found and adopted Kuge when she accidentally passed by the veterinary hospital and began to live with Kuge. Under the guidance of Kuge, Xiao Hui met the veterinarian Xiao Liu, as well as other dogs such as Lele and Axi in an's Pro class. Many interesting and warm stories happened in the process of living together, which made Xiao Hui get out of the haze of lovelorn and cured the psychological barrier of veterinarian Xiao Liu's fear of contacting girls. As life progressed steadily, Xiaohui got the opportunity to work in big cities. Finally, she chose to stay in Ping'an town full of happy memories and continue to live happily with everyone.

"Hey! Kuge" combines warmth and simplicity to express the love and dependence of modern people on pets and the true feelings between animals and humans through a series of stories. We hope to be recognized by pet lovers and share the values of harmonious coexistence between people and pets. At the same time, the film also conveys the concept of environmental protection and the positive energy of healing, and calls on people to treat and care for animals.

Unlike other animated cartoons, which are all 2D or 3D, "Hey! Kuge" presents pets and people's rich expressions and exaggerated performances in 2D, which is very humorous and vivid. The background environment is made in 3D, which tries to render the atmosphere of real life, so that the audience has a strong sense of substitution after watching. At the same time, the cartoon also skillfully integrates the plot of journey to the west, one of China's four classics, and the unique Chinese ink painting style in order to spread Chinese traditional culture.