Xiaozhen and rainbow Kingdom

The cartoon "Xiaozhen and rainbow kingdom" was introduced by Hengxin Oriental children (Guangzhou) Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hengxin Oriental. It is another masterpiece of the production team of "Wang Wang Dui Li Da Gong". With comic adventure stories, visually attractive color pictures, and lively and interesting role images, it brings interesting early education content about frustration education and color enlightenment to preschool children. "Xiaozhen and rainbow kingdom" won great praise when Netflix, an American streaming media giant and internationally renowned video website, was launched, and was known as the golden benchmark in Netflix preschool animation.

According to the cognitive characteristics of young and preschool children, Xiaozhen and the rainbow Kingdom designs simple and interesting plots and scenes based on the daily life of Xiaozhen and Abu in the rainbow Kingdom, which can not only easily attract the attention of children's audience, but also subtly let children understand the important qualities and concepts of trust, companionship, friendship and so on between people through interesting character images and story content. More importantly, Xiaozhen and rainbow kingdom can greatly mobilize children's audience to find problems, think independently and solve problems with Xiaozhen, which is helpful to train children's logical thinking ability.

While building a warm world full of love and peace for children, Xiaozhen and the rainbow kingdom is also interspersed with interesting stories with children's songs that are easy for children's audiences to imitate and hum. The collection of these original tracks, whether melody or lyrics creation, also integrates the inspiration and painstaking efforts of the production team, so that "Xiaozhen and rainbow kingdom" is more in line with the preferences of young and preschool children to watch animation, and finally realizes the diversified enlightenment effects of color, music, language, social interaction and so on.