Introduction to the Party branch

In May 2019, the party branch of Hengxin Oriental was formally established, with 7 party members and 40 mobile party members. As the party branch of a new generation of Internet companies, Hengxin Oriental adheres to the concept of "only standing in the forefront can truly lead", aiming at the company's characteristics such as many new forces and active young people's thinking, and innovates to create a new Internet enterprise party building model of "integration of arts and sciences". Grasp the leadership of party building, ideology, the responsibility of the branch, pay attention to daily work, continuously improve the level of party building work, continue to promote the high-quality development of the enterprise, and form a good situation of "strengthening party building in combination with management, and doing a good job of party building to promote development" .

Honor of Party branch

The party building work of Hengxin Oriental won the "Beijing Internet Party Building Innovation Potential Brand" and was selected as the "Excellent Practice Case of Party Building Work in Beijing Private Listed Companies" Hengxin Oriental gives full play to the role of the party branch as a battle fortress, constantly explores new models of party building work, and adheres to the road of characteristic development.


Latest developments

  • 2021-09-27


  • 2021-06-11

    “凝聚新生力量 喜迎建党百年”讨论接收赵道通、韩梦楠同志为预备党员

  • 2021-06-09


  • 2021-05-22


  • 2021-04-09


  • 2021-03-12


  • 2021-03-05


  • 2020-12-11

    “铭记伟大胜利 捍卫和平正义”党员重温抗美援朝精神

  • 2020-11-08

    薪火相传 接受蔡洁莲同志为预备党员

  • 2020-11-05


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