Raising a Rukus

Thisis a VR animation series produced by the company's shareholding subsidiary VRC.The film was written by Nicole Perlman, one of Hollywood's top screenwriters,and the team behind the fantasy adventure film Guardians of the Galaxy. Thefilm was produced by Robert Stromberg, a two-time Academy Award winner for BestProduction Direction. The film is directed by Iron Man 3's Previs directorJoshua Wassung. It conveys the character education connotation of love andcourage in the form of animation.


Sinceits release, the film has continued to perform well at IMAX VR's Los Angelescenter. And the audience viewing ranking is always in the top three.

Aboutawards: The Prix Lumieres was founded in 2009 by Advanced Imaging Society(AIS). The association was initiated by some of Hollywood's top creativeindustry leaders, including Disney Pictures, dreamWorks, SONY, Paramount, IMAX,dolby, AMD, Panasonic and MasterImage. The society aims to advance thedevelopment of digital ideas and technologies and lead these technologies tothe forefront, bridging the gap between film professionals and advancedtechnologies.