VR Expedition in Jurassic World

The film was developed by VRC in collaboration with Universal Pictures and Spielberg's team. This is a VR version of Jurassic World, which VRC developed in collaboration with Universal pictures and Spielberg. Its restaurant chain, Dave & Buster's, aired in about 120 of its north American offline outlets in 2018 and generated nearly $8 million in ticket sales in the first half of the year. 

Invested by Hengxin Shambala, "VR Expedition in Jurassic World" is adapted from universal Pictures' "Jurassic World ii" and produced by VRC, a top VR production company. It combines cutting-edge VR technology with powerful CG effects. Content and action are highly matched by the dynamic seat and Samsung MR head-display device, which gives players a comfortable and shocking experience. 

The digital models of dinosaurs in the movie are directly derived from the digital assets of Universal Pictures' movie "Jurassic World II". Once the player enters the VR during the experience, he or she embarks on a quest to save as many dinosaurs as possible within five minutes. Players navigate the wild landscape of Isla Nublar in vehicles that need to avoid being trampled by dinosaurs or trapped.